Top 10 online courses in Kerala | Online Diploma Courses In Kerala

online courses in Kerala
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Top 10 online courses in Kerala | Online Diploma Courses In Kerala

Are you searching for online courses in Kerala?

Here are some of the Best Diploma online courses in Kerala For job hunters

  • Digital Marketing
  • Data science online courses
  • Full-stack development
  • Ethical Hacking
  • App Development
  • Web Designing and Graphic Design
  • SEO and SM Marketing (SM stands for Social Media)
  • CAD
  • Tally

 Main advantages of online course

  • Learn from experts
  • They help get skill-based jobs
  • Make a connection with experts all over the world
  • Essay accessible
  • Flexible learning timings
 Here is the list of best online courses in Kerala
1) Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing is one of the best online courses in Kerala. An important thing is anyone can learn and apply for digital marketing jobs that have no any age or educational limits. after the course candidates get a job as a digital marketing executive, SEO analyst, social media manager, analytics executive etc….

Know More…..

2) Data science online courses

Data science is one of the trending job platforms. That’s interconnected with marketing and data management .as per behavior data will arrange and pull according to the requested sequences. Lots of institutes they provide data science online courses in Kerala .mainly BSc, BTech, Mba Students prefer for data science jobs, and statistics based graduates also can learn this easily

3) Full-stack development

Now all company’s are reduced their employees. so they need malty skilled employees. full stack is the combination of three this

  • Frond end (HTML, CSS, js or any frame woks like angular or react)
  • Back end (python,PHP,java,node)
  • Database (MySQL,MongoDB,oracle)
4) Ethical Hacking

Hacking is breaking into a network, system or internet entity by using its weaknesses and/or drawbacks. Two kinds of hacking – ethical hacking and black hat hacking (regular hacking).

Ethical hackers hack into networks, systems and internet entities of organizations and companies. They hack into these systems to find out flaws, loopholes, and security within the system.

5) App Development

Is the development of applications, online stores etc…..

  • Web application
  • Android application
  • Ios applications
  • Web Designing and Graphic Design

This is the part of website creation in this you can learn how to build a user interface creatively.

  • Html
  • CSS
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Lightroom
7) SEO and SM Marketing (SM stands for Social Media)

These are part of digital marketing. In SEO you can learn how to optimize your web sites in search engines like Google, yahoo, bing etc… and how to manage social media in marketing ways

8) Microsoft Office Certification

This is one of the easy courses you can learn from online. After the course, you can get the idea to manage and work Microsoft office platforms like word, excel, ppt etc.. in professional ways

9) CAD

Cad is Computer-aided design to create virtual preplans for projects in civil, electrical, mechanical projects.any one can learn cad and apply for a job


10) Tally

Tally is one of the best optional online courses in Kerala .it is the software that’s used in financial accounting systems For small and medium enterprises.


Other Online courses in Kerala

  • Software Design and Testing
  • Creative writing
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Diploma in Management (specializations available)
  • Animation and Game Design
  • VFX and Animation
  • Cyber Security
  • Android App Development

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